Assyrian Resource Centre

The Assyrian Resource Centre was established by AAA in 1984 to provided for thesettlement needs of the growing Assyrian community in the Fairfield and Liverpool areas. In recent years, we have catered to approximately 3,500 clients per year.

The Assyrians community numbers close to 20,000 in Sydney, most of whom have migrated to Australia from Iraq, Iran, Syria Lebanon and Turkey. During the 1980s and from the late 1990s onwards, there has been an increasing level of Christian Assyrian migration to Australia under the family reunion, refugee and humanitarian programmes.

The Federal Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) provides the major portion of funding to enable the AAA to operate the Centre to meet the support and settlement needs of the Assyrian population in Sydney.
To increase social mobility of Assyrian community members in Sydney by provision of access to support services that meet their settlement and social engagement needs.

Assyrian Diqlat School

Assyrian Diqlat School is a community language school in south-western Sydney Australia, providing teachings of the Assyrian language

Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship

Rabi Nimrod Simono, a distinguished Assyrian scholar from Iran and one of the giants of Assyrian literature in the twentieth century, came to Australia in 1985 as a guest of the Assyrian Australian Association (AAA) in Sydney. The main purpose of his visit was to conduct a course in the Assyrian language and to deliver a series of lectures on Assyrian history and culture to the Assyrian communities in Sydney and Melbourne. The Assyrian language course, which covered such subjects as an introduction to Modern Assyrian Grammar and teaching methodology, was conducted at Fairfield High School from 22nd April 1985 to 6th August 1985.

The AAA decided to honour Rabi Simono and to commemorate his historic first visit to Australia by establishing an educational scholarship and naming it after him – Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship.

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