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Community Support Program

The Assyrian Australian Association has been appointed as an Approved Proposing Organisation (APO) for the Australian Government’s Community Support Program (CSP).


The Community Support Program supports refugees and people in humanitarian need, to receive remote sponsorship from families, individuals and community groups.

APOs connect members of the community and business with potential CSP applicants and manage the visa application process. They also help CSP entrants and their families find accommodation and settle into the community.


The role of the Assyrian Australian Association is to provide settlement services support to CSP entrants within a 12-month period.


As an APO, the Assyrian Australian Association is responsible for:


  1. Linking employers with prospective humanitarian applicants;
  2. Lodging visa applications; and
  3. Ensuring the provision and management of settlement services to these people following arrival within Australia, and assisting entrants to become financially independent within the first 12 months of arrival.

The Assyrian Australian Association has been assisting refugees since 1980, by providing support to humanitarian entrants and other eligible migrants in their first five years of life in Australia. We particularly focus on fostering social and economic participation, personal well-being, independence, and community connectedness.


CSP applicants must align with the regional, global and settlement priorities of the Australian Government, and be able to satisfy all Class XB subclass 202 visa criteria.

To align with the settlement priorities of the Government, the main applicant must:

  • Be aged between 18-50
  • Have functional English language skills
  • Have an offer of employment and/or skills and attributes to enable them to be work-ready upon arrival in Australia
  • Meet the broad requirements and fall within the government’s global, regional and settlement priorities.

How to Apply

Applicants who meet the criteria listed on this page are invited to submit an expression of interest by following the link below.


A representative of the AAA will get in touch to further discuss your eligibility.

Application Process & Fees

All CSP fees are non-refundable.


AAA fees include GST and do not include travel costs.

  • Conduct initial meeting and Case Assessment (No fees apply).
  • Decision made by the AAA to proceed with application.
  • Visa application finalised and lodged with the first Visa Application Charge (VAC).
  • Application processed by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Decision made by the Department. If accepted, the Department will request further documents.


First VAC fee $550
AAA Fee $8,800


  • Assist the Assurer with preparing the Assurance of Support.
  • Provide Assurance of Support.
  • Visa granting.


Second VAC Fee$7,270
AAA Fee$3,900


  • Preparation for Applicant arrival
  • Monitoring of settlement.
  • Post-arrival settlement services
  • Post-arrival reporting to the Department of Home Affairs
  • Exit reports upon completion of Settlement Period.
AAA flat fee$2,940
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