A Message from our president


Dr Benjamin Daoud

Assyrian Australian Association

I am happy to participate in enlightening our followers about the Assyrian Australian Association’s history and activities with our relaunched website.

We are determined to present a conscious and informative new website to benefit members and people who seek our assistance as well as those who are interested in staying up to date with the associations activities

Assyrian Australian Association was established in 1969. Since its inception it has provided community service for the Assyrian community as well as the general community at at large.

With the websites new look, we aim to provide a solid source of up-to-date information as well as to reach a wider audience.

As our website shows, the services the Association provides are wide and cover just about all aspects of life. You can learn more by reading up on each of the Association’s dedicated Sub-Committees. We always try our best to align our strategies with changes within our community and to grow and evolve to respond to those needs accordingly.

Looking ahead at the year before us, our board members look forward to continue to advance our mission and work hand in hand with everyone for the prosperity and welfare of the wider community.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shown great support and encouragement which make makes our tasks ahead much easier

All feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

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