Our Initiatives

Assyrian Diqlat School

The Assyrian Diqlat School, established in 1974, is a community language school teaching the Assyrian language on Saturdays.

Assyrian Resource Centre

The Assyrian Resource Centre (previously known as the Assyrian Welfare Office), established in 1984, assists new Assyrian migrants settle in Australia.

Echo of Nineveh
Episode Placeholder Image

Echoes of Nineveh Community Radio Program on 2GLF 89.3FM. Originally broadcasted on 2EA in 1976, as the SBS Assyrian Language Program.

Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship

The Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship, established in 1986, provides financial assistance for students matriculating into tertiary education. By 2006, $130,000 had been provided in scholarships.

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